Bali Photoshoto

I don’t know why but ever since I started photography my appreciation for the sky especially during sunrise & sunset has totally changed me. Chasing sunrises and sunsets it is now my new love and obsession.

So of course, while I was in Bali I had to go watch a sunrise, and that I did. My poor friends were awoken by me in the wee hours of the morning to go watch the sunrise. It was truly magical and while I was there I got to capture some beautiful photos of my friend/model/muse. She was seriously pro, we were surrounded by locals and tourists all there to enjoy the sunrise and she handled it like a pro. Posing and un-phased by the hundreds of staring eyes (I on the other hand was super nervous and I wasn’t even the one in the spotlight). Thank you Jess.

Here are my sunrise photos from Bali – show casing Iamu Collective flash tattoos. I just love how the sun reflects the gold on the flash tattoos.

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Model: Jessica Oey

Dress: Shakuhachi

Flash Tattoos: Iamu Collective


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