Lyla & Bo Photoshoot

Lyla & Bo photoshoot has been my most favourite shoot thus far because it is the reason why I wanted to start blogging my work.

The decision as to how and why I started photography, began when my sister gave me her old Canon 50D. She is an established photographer and I’m not sure her reasons as to why, but she did encourage me to practice photography. I’ve dabbled a bit in family photoshoots, boudoir, weddings and even food photography. I’ve enjoyed doing them all but nothing has excited me as much as fashion photography.

The idea to shoot with Lyla & Bo’s fedoras was a suggestion from a good friend of mine – Talysa. She is good friends with the founder of the company (Lyla & Bo) and they organised for me to borrow some fedora’s to shoot with.

I set up the Saturday photoshoot date with Jess (my model). The day started out gloomy and there was light rain but as they say, overcast is good lighting for photography. I went over to Jess’s apartment and we found  a few different looks to shoot with.

Jess and I went to the city and decided to photoshoot in an alley way for a street style vibe and then we moved to Kangaroo Point lookout for a #urbancowboy look haha. The fedora’s are absolutely amazing and a truly a must have accessory. The feel and quality of the hats show in the photos, and they really make an outfit look more complete. I absolutely love the look they bring to all the outfits we chose for that shoot. We ended the day just before sunset and right before the rain started, perfect timing for a perfect little photoshoot.

I must say, I’m very lucky to have a friend who can be so comfortable in front of the camera. She really knows how to pose for the camera and it shows in the photos, her effortlessness amazes me and I honestly don’t need to do much directing. #team

Looking at the photos, makes me want to improve and continue on this fashion photography journey. I don’t know where it’s going to take me but all I know is that I love doing it. So I will continue to do it.

Styled & Photographed by Me

Model: Jessica Oey

Location: Brisbane city & Kangaroo Point lookout

Fedora/Hat: Lyla & Bo


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