Tribal Boho Photoshoot

I had prepared myself for this photoshoot for 4 weeks. Model was booked in, makeup artist ready and all the items needed for my ‘beach boho’ mood board photoshoot. The whole week I was worried about the weather, Brisbane winter had hit with extreme winds (what the hell?) but when I woke up on Sunday morning the sun was shining and I was so pumped and ready for the photoshoot…. Unit I received a message from my model (Nita) she had to cancel because her jaw was swollen from a tooth ache. I have to be honest, I was pretty shattered. I was really looking forward to working with her (but I’m sure we will get a chance in future).

I messaged Jess the owner of Komorebi Handmade jewellery to let her know I had to reschedule the shoot (she was lending me items for the photoshoot), she text me back straight away wanting to help me look for model.  I was pretty surprised at how willing she was to help me out & to top it off she offered to pick me up and drive us to the Gold Coast for the photoshoot! Her cousin Zoe was available to do the shoot, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I thought, why not? Even though it was not what I had planned or expected I thought it would be a good experience anyways.

I met Zoe and knew straight away that her and Jess were kindred spirits. It was very sweet, you could feel the love they have for each other! Beautiful!

With no makeup artist in tow, Jess had to also be makeup artist for the day – she did great! Then off we went to find a location. Lucky for me, Jess is a GC local, she pitched me an idea to go somewhere only local’s knew about. WOW what a great spot it was, just perfect! It had everything I wanted, amazing aqua blue water, beautiful black rocks and nice and secluded from people’s staring eyes.

The day turned out really great, I have to say a big thank you to Jess & Zoe, 2 of the most down to earth, sweet and genuine souls. I am so happy I got to spend the time with you ladies. 🙂

Oh I decided it call it “Tribal Boho” instead. After looking at the photos, Zoe’s amazing black hair and her Maori features really shone through in these photos – I think it just fit better.

Also would like to thank Poya from Runway Goddess for being so generous in lending me so many items for the shoot, loved this collaboration.

Styled & photographed by Me

Jewellery by Komorebi Handmade

Clothes from Runway Goddess Boutique

Location: Gold Coast


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