Hype DC Photoshoot

Chicks in Kicks – currently trending in the blogging world. A look I really wanted to style, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go Chic casual or Urban street wear? So I did both.. haha I guess the look was a mixture of both, with lots of headwear and designer bags.

HYPE DC have been so kind to supply the shoes for this shoot – It was a difficult task picking what I wanted, the selection of cool unique sneakers were infinite. I ended up choosing Nike Airmax with leopard print (I’m a sucker for print!), Nike Hightops & Green (my favourite colour) New Balance. Clothing was supplied by – Open Closet boutique. They have such a wide selection, but I had my eyes on their Logo Tee’s, perfect for this shoot.

I found Nita (model) on Instagram – I love her edgy look, it’s something that really appeals to my eye. Anywho, we met at mine and I styled her before we set off to find a location (yep, I had no idea where I was going to shoot). I also had my trusty executive styling assistant (aka slave girl/car watcher) Lyn there, was great having her there, the day went by much more smoothly.

We ended up shooting in some alley ways and empty streets in the city and valley, fitting for the theme I was going for. Nita killed it in this photoshoot, she had the attitude, look and worked so quick and easy. We had a great vibes working together and are about to launch a styling blog – so keep an eye out.

Thanks again to Tanitar & Lyn – for a perfect day of shooting. From the *Scattercrab.

Styled By Me

Clothing From: Open Closet Boutique

Shoes From: Hype DC

Jewellery From: Miki & Mod (coming soon)


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