Grunge Love Buzz

I absolutely adore this shoot, I had a vision and the execution was what I wanted and so much more.

I’m really into fashion and grunge is no exception, to be honest it’s more closer to my own personal style than other styles. So of course I wanted to have this in my portfolio. The more shoots I add to my portfolio, the more I understand what I’m actually looking for and what I need to get the best outcome.

My first step was to contact my favourite stylist (Danae) who exceeded my expectations, she is just beyond – even shoe choice was perfection! Secondly, my trusty make-up artist Shannon, who killed the grunge look. I must admit I did ask if she should blend (I forgot that grunge was 90’s and nobody knew what blending was) lucky she stuck to her instincts! I’ll just keep to my day job and take the photos.. And finally the models, Oh em gee… what a beautiful couple they are, not only best looking creatures they are the sweetest humans too.

I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect creative team. Can’t thank them enough..

P.S- sorry I nearly killed you all. HA .. but did you die?!

Editorial also published in Stell Magazine  – click on link to view.


Photographer: Nhu Nguyen @nhuspace

Stylist: Danae Hill @danaehill 

MUA: Shannon Jennings @shannonjenningsmakeup

Models: Yani Botha @yanst3r & Ben Grinsell @bengrinsell



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