Cool Tones

Cool tones was a shoot I had in my head for months, I wanted to do a beach shoot with a more high fashion feel rather than my usual bikini style.

Of course the first thing I did was bombard Danae with my crazy ideas I wanted to shoot and she delivered as always. Let’s just say when you find someone who gets your crazy mind of ideas – keep them close and treat them well.

Thank you to Brontie for taking on this shoot last minute (literally the day before the shoot was planned, the original model wasn’t able to make it) I think I msg’d 10 models and Brontie was the only person able to step in last minute. Sometimes, the stars align and things are meant to work out, she was perfect for this shoot.

Photographed by me

Styled: @danaehill

MUA: @sorchabruce_mua

Model: @brontiezaicew


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